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Security Industry Courses and Training

~ Get Your Smart Serve Certificate Online For $35
The official Smart Serve training site. Go at your own pace through the reading, videos, and sample questions. Only takes a few hours and the card is good for life. You can do it all at once or over a few days, whatever works for you.

~ Online College Courses (
A great selection of fully credited College courses are available through Ontario Learn, which represents 22 Ontario Community Colleges. These are the exact same Security and Police Foundations courses normally taken in classrooms available online, covering a huge variety of topics.

~ Online University Courses (Canadian Virtual University)
A huge, full assortment of Canadian University online courses. The courses most applicable to Private Security and Policing are in the Criminology and Law categories.

Security Guard Products

~ ProNotes - Professional Security Guard and Law Enforcement notebooks
Buy direct starting at just $3.35 per notebook! This company is based in Pickering, Ontario, and makes the best professional notebooks you can buy. Complete with Ontario and Canadian reference notes in the back.

Police Career Resources

Some people work in Private Security with the intention of becoming a police officer. We've found some interesting books and resources that may help you.

~ Ace Your Police Oral Board Interview - written by a police board interviewer
Written by an actual certified police oral board rater with over 16 years of hands-on police interview experience. That's his job, he personally interviews and grades police applicants. Priceless.

~ Police Oral Board Interview Secrets - written by a veteran police officer
Officer Forestal has been a police officer for nearly a decade. He talks not only about the interview itself, but also outlines specific things you need to do during the application process to make sure you even get invited for the interview and test in the first place.

~ Pass Your Polygraph
These days many important jobs require passing a lie detector test. If this is something you will encounter in your career be sure to read this first.

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