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Security Associations & Organizations

~ The Canadian Security Association (CANASA)
This is Canada's security association. Non-profit, established in 1977. It currently has 1324 members from all across Canada. Membership is open to guard companies, security consultants, product manufacturers, product distributors, alarm system installers, alarm monitoring companies, and more. Many police forces are members of CANASA. Security companies pay $668 per year. Individuals pay less, based on their profession.

~ ASIS International
This is the global security association. Non-profit, established in 1955. Has over 37,000 members and 95 full-time employees. ASIS is an individual-based, not company-based, association. Anyone in any line of security-related profession may join. Costs $170 USD per year, per individual. Members are NOT allowed to use the ASIS logo anywhere, for any reason. Organizes many educational and other events worldwide. This truly is a group for industry professionals, not just paid advertising for businesses to be found in a directory.

Security Industry Publications

~ Canadian Security Magazine

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